Dragon painting

Hi there,

I saw you creating art pieces while at the Canberra multi cultural festival earlier this year. I Purchased a dragon painting that you had done moments before I arrived to watch your next piece. After purchasing the dragon piece from you I went and had it professionally framed. I thought you would appreciate seeing the final product so I have attached a photo, it looks great in my study!





Canberra queen of hearts


I had a situation yesterday on the 09/02/2014 where the festival organiser tried to kick me out of Canberra multi-cultural festival. She was strutting out front of where I was painting like a rooster kicking up his spurs, brought her festival security and the police. The police were really good they were not concerned one way or the other just wanting to find out what was the situation. I told them I had permission from the building manager to be on his property that I was not on the official festival area. Then the festival manager becomes red in the face like a queen of hearts out of Alice in Wonderland in fact she looks quite a lot like the queen of hearts out of the original version. Once she realise she had no jurisdiction she was fuming and went to the Fire Brigade to see if she could cause trouble by saying that I was a fire hazard. They came and checked me while I was painting. I realise they were there so I did a small painting of a portraiture with little puffs of paint. When I was almost complete the police came over and said is that about the amount of paint you're using I said maybe little bit more little bit less at times but thereabouts. They all went away, had not a peep from any one. My little puff of paint blew the queen of hearts away.